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Medical Imaging Center Radiology Radiation Borojerd with the help of God and efforts of the city Borojerd its activities since January 2010 has begun. This center have the foundation of 1750 square meters on four floors and two elevators patient with MRI machines , multi - slices CT scan , ultrasound tech , Advanced digital radiology , oral and maxillofacial OPG and digital cephalometric system connecting Pacs and the ability to send images digitally and online archive .

The set of global standards in terms of construction and equipment is equipped with 10 separate offices , which is to provide services to people. In addition , MRI has been the concern of many patients , equipping and commissioning is

The second MRI. It is hoped that with the help of God an effective step to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients who need .to be removed for the Borojerd area



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