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Boroujerd is a town in West of Iran. This city is the city of Lorestan province. Borujerd city located in the northern Silakhor plains. Gareen peaks of the Zagros Mountains surround it such as bar from the North West to the South East And several permanent mirages flows from the scope of this mountain have had a major role in the local economy and development of the Boroujerd. Borujerd, in terms of political divisions is province of Lorestan in the West. The city is located in the north of the province and altitude of over 1500 meters. The vastness of this city is 1606 That constitute 72/5 percent of the province. Borujerd city is in the Zagros mountain and alluvium on the Silakhor plain. The city's height from sea level is 1580 meters. The city in northern latitudes at least 33 degrees and 36 minutes and maximum 34 degrees and 6 minutes and east longitude at least 48 degrees and 27 minutes and the maximum is 49 degrees 27 minutes. Borujerd city is on the main road of Tehran, and Khorramshahr and neighboring Doroud, Khorramabad, Nahavand, Arak and Malayer

Borujerd city 110 km away from Khorramabad, And 407 kilometers away from Tehran. Borujerd, is one of the most important areas in Lorestan Province . This city has a rich nature and history and Qualified for tourism development. Borujerd Antiquity more than 4,000 years know. Borujerd city from north to Malayer (Hamedan province) from East to Sarband (Central Province) and Dorud, from south to Khorramabad and from the West is limited to Selsele. Borujerd economy is based on agriculture and industry. Imamzadeh Jafar, Shahzadeh Abolhasan tomb, Sultani Mosque and Mosque of Borujerd of the most important historical sites of Boroujerd .




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