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What is MRI?
Magnetic Resonance Imaging is an acronym for M.R.I
In magnetic resonance imaging, used high-frequency waves and a strong magnetic materials than x-Ray To significant resolution of the joints and tissues and internal organs provide the body.
This technique is provides a valuable diagnostic spectrum of pathologic conditions in all parts of the body, including cancer, heart disease, stroke, joint disease and neurological diseases – muscular.
What is the common use of MRI?
MRI is extensive use in the diagnosis of exercise-induced lesions in particular, those on the knee, shoulder, hip, elbow and wrist have affected.
These images allow the doctor, he ruptured ligaments and muscles around the elbow. In addition, MRI is used for the detection of blood vessels to diagnose diseases arteries, coronary arteries, aorta and heart problems.
Doctor determines with this test, the size and thickness lesions in heart attacks and heart disease.
Thoracic and abdominal organs, including lung, kidney, liver, spleen, pancreas, can be detailed in the MRI image
Today a common approach and broad, is The ability to recognize and evaluation of tumors and regular lesions on MRI.
Typically MRI is more rapid  than to mammography radiation x, in the diagnosis of breast cancer.

MRI is a diagnostic tool for testing male and female reproductive systems, pelvis and shoulder.






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